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Sing Along’s

The Choir has a quite distinct form of entertainment which many choirs do not have, in the form of a sing along where choristers gather around the piano to indulge in a form of light hearted singing.

Our sing along or afterglow music is a fairly unique type of relaxed entertainment which is completely different from the Choir’s formal repertoire.

With our accompanist Mr Bernard Botcher at the keyboard, and a vast repertoire of songs, we are able to sustain the sing song mode long into the evening.

During our Sing/Song or ‘Afterglow ‘performances we sing medleys of songs from the Shows, Cockney Songs, 1960‘s Pop Music, Welsh Hymns, etc, etc,

This kind of music is suitable for birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, or any type of informal function.
We can of course commence with, or revert to the more formal type of singing for any such event


To find out more please contact our secretary David Lewis on 01639 -896747 or Keith Mellin on 01639 884574
or e-mail us on the link below

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