A Family choir who take their singing seriously ' tour abroad extensively, and share many moments of hilarity


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At the Dordogne river in Bergerac July 2006

Twenty Five Year Presentation to choristers.
Keith Smith, Gerald Ashford, Marcus Davies, Idwal Gronow, Gareth Jones,Mervyn Hughes

At St Theodores Church Port Talbot

At a Church in Calgary Canada in 2004

At our HQ in Theodore Rd Port Talbot

Outside our Hotel in Bergerac

Rovigo Town Hall Italy June 2005

Rovigo Town Choir HQ in 2005

Brussels Liberation Day Concert October 2007

Afterglow  at our Hotel in Fuengirola Spain in March 2008

Fuengirola 2008

Singing at the wedding of Richard and Alex Pugh in Winsley Bradford on Avon in June 2007

Singing on the Athabasca Glacier Canada in June 2005

At the Anglican Vicars Home in Albir Costa Blanca Spain in 2004

Balmoral Castle, Taken whilst on Tour

At a wedding in bergerac, France

Enjoying the scenery in the Rockies on the Canada tour

Members of the choir enjoying the sights at Lake Louise during our Canadian tour

Members of the choir's ladies section preparing for one of the concerts performed in Canada

Aberavon Beach at Sunset

Aberavon Beach at Sunset

Aberavon Beach Looking Towards neath

Aberavon Beach looking towards Port talbot.


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