A Family choir who take their singing seriously ' tour abroad extensively, and share many moments of hilarity


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Patrons and Vice Presidents

Why Become A Patron

The Choir is a registered Charity no (517364)

Patrons along with Vice Presidents thankfully contribute significantly to the Choirs financial stability and help maintain the high standard of Music.
Our Patrons and Vice Presidents are the unsung heroes of the Choir and without their continued support the Choir would find it enormously difficult to survive

Our Patrons and Vice Presidents normally contribute a sum of money they deem appropriate, over and above the normal ticket cost for our Annual Concert.
Reserved seating is guaranteed for VP’S and Patrons alike at The Choirs Annual Concert

Gift Aid
Any donation made to The Choir by a UK taxpayer who becomes a Patron or Vice President can be increased in value whereby the Choir can reclaim money from The Inland Revenue from any such donation.
The donation does not in any way affect the donor’s tax liability.
Simply by filling in a form to include your name, address, the sum donated and the Choirs name and sending it to our treasurer Mr David Scott is all that is required.

Should you desire to become a Patron, the Choir would be delighted to here from you.

Mrs M Aitkin Mrs G Harris Mrs V Morris Mrs Eirlys White
Mr C Arnold Mr D Heatley Mr & Mrs J Nash Mr & Mrs D G Williams
Mrs E Arnold Mrs D James Mrs A D O'Brien Mr & Mrs Elwyn Williams
Mr B Ashmead Mrs M J James Mrs M Oliver Mr & Mrs F Williams
Mrs I Ashmead Mrs Sylvia Jenkins Mr J Patterson
Mrs A Bendall Mrs C E Jones Mrs E Prosser
Revd G P Bigmore Mr & Mrs Glenn Jones Mrs C Scott
Mr & Mrs A W Blake Mr & Mrs J E Jones CBE Mrs J Shakeshaft
Mr P Boak Mrs M Jones Mr & Mrs D R Shopland
Mrs A Bendall Mr W Mervyn Jones Mrs S Smith
Mrs Ann Chilcott Mrs J Keating Mr & Mrs J Spender
Mr F G Daniels Mrs Anne Lewis Mrs & Mrs A D Thomas
Mrs J Dawe Mrs G Lewis Mr & Mrs D C Thomas
Mr Brian Edwards Mr W H D Lewis Mrs Elvie Thomas
Mrs M Edwards Mr A H Morris Mrs Rita Thomas


Please contact our Treasurer Mr David Scott on 01639-887953
or by e-mail david.scott8@ntlworld.com for further details.

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