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Musical Team

Mair Jones
Musical Director

Mair has been with the Porthcawl Choir firstly as accompanist and subsequently as the musical director for more than 20 years.

Initially Mair kindly offered to help out the Cymric whilst we searched for a new musical director, but fortunately for us she enjoyed our company and has remained with us whilst also maintaining her commitment to the Porthcawl Choir.

Consequently this has resulted in our respective choirs forming a close link whereby we have the opportunity to sing as a large choir when occasions demand it.

Mair has given the Cymric a new dimension with the variety of music she has introduced and our attendances at practice nights are consistently excellent with choristers rarely missing a practice since she joined us.

Maybe it is because she has such a wonderful way of keeping the choir in order with her razor sharp wit and she seems to revel in the repartee engendered to ensure that practice nights are never boring.

I don't know where she gets the time, but outside of choir, Mair and her husband John enjoy traveling all over the UK and Europe on their motorcycle, and have now purchased a camper van in common with many of the Cymric Caravanning enthusiasts.

Matthew Lewis

Born and brought up in Port Talbot, Matthew was involved in a whole range of musical activities from an early age. Whilst attending Glan Afan Comprehensive School he was a member of the school orchetra and choirs and was accompanist for some of the school productions. In the years since, he has worked as an acompanist for a variety of amateur performances including Port Talbot Amateur Operatic Society Youth Theatre.

He is deputy Musical Director and Accompianist of Port Talbot Cymric Male Choir, and is the organist and choirmaster of St Paul's Church and Sub organist of St Mary's church Aberavon. In 2007 he was made the Musical Director of Bois Afan male choir and also made organist of Neath male Voice Choir. Matthew has accompanied many soloists and instrumentalists in a variety of concerts.

Matthew has studied piano with Helen Turberville and organ with Howell Price, and in July 2006 he passed his grade 8 organ examination with distinction. he is now a freelance musician and is also preparing for his organ Diploma ABRSM.

Wendy Murphy
Deputy Accompanist

Wendy was born and brought up in Maesteg, and at 23 years of age has established herself with many different choirs since the age of 15. At the age of eight years, Wendy started studying music. As well as playing the piano she is an established violin and cornet player, reaching grade 6 on both instruments. Wendy has passed her grade 8 piano examination. She hopes to continue to the next stage of her musical career by passing her diploma in piano.

Wendy attended Maesteg Comprehensive studying Music, French and Welsh for her 'A' levels in 2002. Wendy gained an A* grade at music GCSE level also passed her A levels gaining yet another A grade in music.

Currently Wendy plays piano for four choirs and is kept very busy. The Choirs include Cor Yr Hen Blwyf Maesteg, and also Harmony ladies choir in Maesteg. More recently, since March 2007, she has become the accompanist of Bois Afan male Voice Choir and is now the assistant accompanist for the Cymric.

In February 2006, Wendy formed a new ladies vocal group in Maesteg called 'Harmony' where she is Musical Director and Accompanist.

Since performing with these choirs, Wendy has proved her worth many times over, and has earned the admiration of her chorus members with her continuing ability to add a special dimension to the choirs.


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